Customize Tray Icon visibility with Group Policy or code.

As a developer we make sure your application’s tray icon is always visible to the user.

As a system administrator you decide which tray icons are always visible or appears in the overflow menu.

You should be in Control

Users are users. Some of them know how they like it and how to make it that way. They will tweak the experience to fit their needs. Other users might need some help finding what they are searching for.

If you are building an application which is important to your users, you should be able to make it easy to find that application.

If you are managing Windows clients in a large organization, you should be able to in great detail, define what the user experience should be like. It is your job to provide a great experience to the end-user.

How it works

This is how implement Taskbar Corner Customizer in a few minutes.

Deploy our tiny MSI-based Windows Service to your devices

Identify Tray Icons using our Tool

Create a GPO to hide or show tray icons for your end users

Developer Edition

Specify the process name for your Tray Icon when you place the order

Add our package to your application

Write a few lines of code to make sure your tray icon is always visible


Sys Admin Edition


One Time Payment

Customize Tray Icon visibility with GPO or Registry Values

Unlimited Tray Icons visible / hidden

Compatible with Windows 10/11

MSI-based Windows Service Installer

Does not require Internet Connectivity

Extremely Lightweight

Developer Edition


One Time Payment

Always show your Tray Icon

Works with any code language

Compatible with Windows 10/11

Requires Administrative Privileges or Local System

100% Offline

Extremely Lightweight

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